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The Power of the Elements

by Lukas P. Threlfall

Discover the Power

For a small group of teenagers in the English town of Sysmith, life couldn’t have been any more normal. After spending almost twenty years going through school, getting into arguments over the most pointless of things and randomly falling in love with people they had only just met, the individuals in this group were a shining example of how life should be lived, but soon this would all change.

After watching a flashing comet fly across the night sky, the group slowly begin to realise that one by one they are starting to exhibit strange abilities that they soon begin to refer to as ‘the elements’. But this of course is only the beginning of the story.

How will the group react to discovering their astonishing powers? Will they go mad? Will they use them for the greater good? And how will it change them from who they once were? Only one thing is certain, when the Elementals discover their powers, nothing will ever be the same again.