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Six Steps Down

by Mandi Greenwood

Halfway down, the treacherous loose gravel gave way and her feet slid out from under her, making Aisley scream.

She sat down hard, scraping the heels of both hands painfully on the stony ground.

She put her head on her bent knees and sobbed.

How had things gotten so crazy so quickly?

When sixteen year old Aisley Brannon first comes to live at Sheldon's Seat, little does she know of the tragic history she is about to uncover. A school project throws her together with five friends as they decide to make her home the subject of their presentation.

What ensues is a hundred year old journey of mystery and discovery, running alongside the turmoil of a modern teenage love story. Aisley and her friends ride a rollercoaster of intrigue, heartbreak and disaster before the truth is finally revealed.