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Hatchling Heroes

by Hayden Selfe

All Alaine has ever wanted is to become a paladin in the Order of the Goddess Minda and now the moment has arrived when she must prove her worth or relinquish her dream.

In a quest that will test both her ability and faith in herself, she must traverse the dangerous mountains near her homelands and retrieve a certain relic.

But first she must survive an infamous bandit who also seeks the relic, not to mention a fall into a deep ravine cursed by the Lord of the Dead himself for sins long past. Little does Alaine know that this is only the beginning of her journey for along the way she will discover an egg that will change her life forever ...

The first of the Dragon Paladin Series, Hatchling Heroes is an awe-inspiring, suspenseful read from a fresh new talent that will keep you spellbound from the first page to the last.