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Forty Wounds

by Joanna George

"It's called the lambda which is a letter of the Greek alphabet and it also symbolises two women who love one another,"she said, not looking at me.

Her eyes were still very dry but I saw the pain that lived inside of them, a pain so wrought, I could almost see the little child Onyx screaming to get out, screaming to be heard and held. I wanted so much to help that little child.

Keisha, a twenty year old university student, is possessed by routines and obsessions. One tormenting day, she happens upon an advertisement for Karuna Heart, an organisation which promises to help people 'rediscover themselves, find their authentic selves and re-establish their emotions'. She decides to attend the sessions at Karuna Heart and there she meets Manas, the leader and founder of the organisation, as well as the dark and mysterious Onyx.

Onyx, suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD, a mental illness), introduces a whole new world to Keisha—a world full of excitement, passion and suffering—but is it a world Keisha can become a part of? Is it a world that will provide her with the love and happiness she so desperately desires?