ISBN 978-0-9805055-8-0


Life on the Kanvas: Overture

by John Sultana

"I live in the world of fantasy; I do not live in the pain of what is real. The here and now are gone to me – dead and buried. Reality merely offers me sleep".

Life on the Kanvas: Overture introduces emerging poet John Sultana with his first book in an inspiring three part anthology. Overture is a thought-provoking interpretation of life as seen through the author's eyes, and intimately expressed within a unique collection of free flowing and visually expressive modern poetry.

Broken into three unique Khronicles - Reality, Dreams and Krazy, Overture begins an epic journey of the soul, inviting readers into an honest and sometimes controversial account of life, depicted as a painting on a universal 'Kanvas', constantly being challenged and altered.

Newcomer Sultana paints the progressing picture of his individual place on the Kanvas, engaging readers into his deepest struggles, search for acceptance, as well as his unconscious and subconscious dreams.

From the very beginning, readers are drawn into the deep imagery of each poem. Weaving between reality and dreams, readers will find themselves challenging their own krazy experiences, all the while painting their own reflections of life onto the ever evolving Kanvas.