ISBN 978-0-9805055-3-5


Relax... It's Only Botox

by Janene Tomelty

"Is BOTOX® a poison?"

"Does BOTOX® cause permanent changes?"

"If I have BOTOX® will I look plastic?"

There is a lot of curiosity surrounding BOTOX®. Everyone is talking about it. It is in the dictionary and it is in the news. But did you know that BOTOX® is one of the safest medicines on the planet?

As a trainer for clinicians administering BOTOX®, Janene Tomelty found that the topic of BOTOX® consistently provoked strong opinions from people; opinions that were often based on incorrect information.

RELAX... IT'S ONLY BOTOX® sets the story straight and answers every question you ever had about this topical drug. Whether you are interested in having BOTOX® or just want to learn more, this demystifying bible will give you the low down on all things BOTOX®.

Make an informed decision and relax... it’s only BOTOX®