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Watchful Realm

by Lyn Spiteri

Invisible to us, the Watchers witness and record the lives of the humans below.

Lyssa belongs to a generally peaceful population of otherworldly and gifted beings who occupy a world above our own. Lyssa is a Watcher, assigned to document all incarnations of Jasper's existence, and at the end of each life, she visits and assists her charge through their reincarnation. With each rebirth, Jasper forgets Lyssa.

Desperate to save the man she loves, Lyssa pierces the protective Veil between the worlds but an ancient evil of the world above unfurls a vengeful plan of destruction. Jasper and Lyssa struggle to untangle the web of his previous incarnations and realise the extent of their love, which has a very real manifested power in forcing the darkness back.