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ISBN 978-0-9925521-6-9


The White Rose

by Madilina Tresca

‘Something evil, yes evil, is present amongst us…’

Christopher Marriston, a university lecturer and author, born and raised in Fairfield, now lives in Wakeley with his family. Over on the north shore full time mum, Skyla, raises her two sons. Both Christopher and Skyla are happily married. They have never met nor do they know of the other's existence until one day Skyla buys Marriston's bestseller and lines up to have her copy of the book signed by the author.

Skyla is momentarily overwhelmed by an ominous feeling. Why does she feel a sense of urgency to read Christopher's book? There is something she ought to know. It is a matter of life and death and it involves this author. What nonsense is this? Skyla's world is about to change ...