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by Guy Hallowes

This is the way the world ends...
Not with a bang … but with a WAVE!

The Ross Ice Shelf in the Antarctic, a lump of Ice about the size of France, is forecast to collapse into the sea creating a fifteen metre tsunami that will race around the globe destroying much of the world as we know it.

This dire prediction, made by the British Antarctic Survey, New Zealand Scientists, and the Pentagon is ignored by most of the world’s population; but not by beautiful, smart Tanya who has worked her way up from poverty to the top of Sydney society, or, to her surprise, by her father-in-law David Bower. They persuade the family to abandon their happy fulfilled lifestyles to create a secure settlement in the Blue Mountains, enabling them to survive the catastrophe but witness the complete destruction of Sydney and all of Australia’s coastal cities. From this, the depths of despair, they find ways to start to rebuild the vibrant society that once existed.

ICEFALL – an exciting and fast paced adventure story
encompassing a credible threat and an imaginative resolution.