ISBN 978-0-9775696-2-5



by Rowan Hagen

Sex, drugs, rock n' roll, love, death, and great coffee — darlo has it all

He was sinking into a lonely, alcohol-soaked existence in a run-down terrace house. She’d left school and home for the gaudy whirl of Darlinghurst Road. There was nowhere else to go…

It is the early 1980s. From different worlds and difficult pasts, Matthew and Melanie live a few streets apart. When introduced by a local eccentric named Jesus, love draws them together. It also opens painful baggage. Family reunions raise both laughter and tension, old flames and old habits reappear, and eventually even love threatens to tear them apart.

Meanwhile, Darlo is changing. Urban renewal brings a brittle, upmarket air to its disreputable streets and lives are overturned. Can Matthew and Melanie make it together through all these challenges? In the end, only one thing matters…

"Darlo — a truly rich human place that can only be understood through stories of love and misery. This book invites readers into a real world where distinctions between wise and foolish, beautiful and ugly, saved and unsaved, lose their capacity to divide."

—Graham Long, Pastor, The Wayside Chapel