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Bergstrom's Orange

by Carolyn Little

Charismatic photographer and ex-ranger Jason McNeil lives and works in the iconic Daintree rainforest in Far North Queensland, the oldest surviving rainforest on the planet. Here, Jason encounters the reclusive and awkward Nils Bergstrom, a Swede who is searching for a cure to a horrific disease.

When Nils disappears, Jason starts to ask questions. Along with his friend Steve, a member of the local Yalanji people, Jason heads into the rainforest along the notorious CREB track and undertakes a treacherous hike up Roaring Meg Creek in search of Nils. With the police now also involved, Jason continues with his own investigation, which brings him into danger as he gradually exposes a web of competing interests.

This entertaining and Informative contemporary thriller explores the growing interest in biodiscovery and the modern crime of biopiracy, against the backdrop of the beauty and challenges of the Daintree World Heritage site, a startling contrast to the laid-back and popular resort world of Port Douglas