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Augustus Finds Serenity

by Ted Scott

Is your life all stress, and all you want is a bit of peace?

Before you hit your boss, yell at your kids or buy one more expensive, shiny toy you really don't need, meet Augustus. Walk with him as he finds his way to a good life.

Augustus Finds Serenity is not a self-help book. This is a guide to changing your whole approach to dealing with life's joys and confusions. His story, told through thirty-one short parables, will inspire and support you through manic meetings, frantic family situations and the countless confrontations that test patience and good sense.

Each compelling parable is complemented by a commentary or exercise designed to encourage you to think clearly and calmly about your actions, and how you affect those around you.

Let Augustus be your constant, kindly companion on your own quest for serenity.