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The Ladybug Without Any Spots!

by Alley Bucci

Lizzie the Ladybug goes on a birthday quest to find some spots.

Instead of finding some, she returns with something much better!

An uplifting, feel-good book for children who, like Lizzie, are all wonderfully unique in their own way.

"The Ladybug Without Any Spots is an enjoyable story for young children with a worthwhile message that to be an individual is nothing to be ashamed of. While most children strive to fit in with their peers, a picture book such as this can help, through the endearing medium of a story, to reinforce every child's sense of self-worth and confidence." — Anne-marie Taplin, Publisher of Parenting Express online magazine

"The Ladybug Without Any Spots is a beautifully illustrated and delightful story. It addresses the important issue of diversity appropriately and in a way that young children can easily grasp". — Eva Cueto Dip. Children's Services Childcare Room Leader