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Old Fashioned Shoes

by Margaret Kerr

“What are these two long strings, Nan?
What do they do?

Please show me so I can wear these shoes
just like you used to!”

Michelle is staying with her Nanna and is frustrated when she cannot work out how to do up laces on a pair of old fashioned shoes she has found. Michelle asks her Nanna for help.  With infinite patience and love, Nanna teaches Michelle how to tie shoelaces and in the process, Michelle develops fine motor skills, strength and eye-hand co-ordination. Along the way she also develops new language concepts and vocabulary.

Parents, teachers, grandparents and carers everywhere will love Old Fashioned Shoes because children need exposure to experiences that develop fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and strength. These experiences prepare them for their future years and assist with writing and independence. They also need to learn to ask for help and to overcome frustration in order to develop a new skill – and the experience the resulting sense of achievement.