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Further Adventures of Benny

by Colin Shewan

Benny is back! The World's Smartest Dog returns for a new set of adventures with one special addition-Benny's son Benjie! With the help of his new comrade, Benny takes on even more challenging quests. Saving a school, joining the navy, catching baddies and rescuing humans are just the beginning.

Benny's learns the responsibility of having a son and in doing so teaches Benjie what it is to be a hero. Fay and Fergus now have two dogs to care for but as always it is the Jack Russells looking out for them!

The ideal bedtime story book, Benny's heart-warming tales of courage and daring are packed with excitement and humour. Benny teaches children of all ages that it is important to value our pets and keep them safe. No matter their size, breed or background, there is a hero in every dog-just like Benny!