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How to Get Ahead Without Murdering Your Boss

by Burton, Webster & Lees

Chosen the wrong career path? Feel like you have more to offer? Resent how your work controls your life? Hate your boss?

More than ninety percent of people indicate a lack of control over their careers, yet only five percent feel able to do something about it. How to Get Ahead Without Murdering Your Boss shows you how to take responsibility for your career, whether that means keeping the job that you love, making a career change or simply learning new skills to increase your employability.

How to Get Ahead Without Murdering Your Boss is an entertaining and informative read. Using the SEEFAR career management model, this book will help you gain clarity on the best career options for you and show you how to actively manage your career. The SEEFAR model, explained through a fictional murder mystery, is a practical and results-driven methodology that merges the best features of traditional career development theories with a new focus on action learning. You will be shown how to apply the SEEFAR model to your own personal career situation through the characters in the murder mystery, seeing how they take control of their own careers.