Eduardo Castellanos Diaz Del Castillo and Diane de Castellanos

Eduardo Castellanos Diaz Del Castillo

December 13, 1927 — December 26, 1999

Eduardo Castellanos was born in Santa Maria del Rio, in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, in 1927. He studied at the National Institute of Fine Art - La Esmeralda - in Mexico City. In 1958 he was sent to Orizaba, Vera Cruz, to set up the local campus of the National Institute of Fine Arts and later became a professor at the Institute in Mexico City.

In 1971 he was appointed Coordinator-General and joined the Adjudication Committee of the National Prize of the Arts. He was also appointed to the National Council on Cultural Promotion of Education. Besides teaching, he wrote extensively about art and produced several programs for Channel 11, the National Polytechnic's television station.

In 1974, in a major career switch, Castellanos began his life as a diplomat with his appointment as Cultural Attaché at the Mexican Embassy in Quito, Ecuador, a journey that took him to Brussels, Rome, Canberra and Warsaw where he retired from government service in 1991. Eduardo and Di married in 1988. He was a very special and much loved father to Luis-Eduardo, Francisco, Marilu, Tracy (1971-2004) and Katina.

His works are to be found in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ecuador, the Montecatini Museum and the Leonardo Museum in Italy, the Universities of Lublin and Warsaw in Poland, and at the Australian Defence Force Academy and National Library in Canberra. In the great Mexican tradition, some of his most recognised works are his murals, in particular the World Of Prendes, a series of 120 portraits of notable patrons of the famous Prendes Restaurant in Mexico City (founded in 1892).

Diane de Castellanos

Diane de Castellanos was born in 1945 in Wellington NSW, moving with her parents to Canberra in 1947.

Although Diane has never had any formal artistic training, she is a prolific mixed media artist. She expresses her concepts, stories and emotions not only through the traditional arts of drawing, painting and sculpture, she also collages, knits, quilts and sews her ideas into reality. Diane has participated in joint exhibitions at Gallery 12 in Pialligo A.C.T., including "Art of the Chair" September 2008, "Curiouser and Curiouser" (Alice in Wonderland) April 2009, "White" September 2009, "Pod" April 2010, and "The Art of The Shoe" September 2010.

Diane is currently undertaking a course with Iconographer Patrick Staikov Bernard in Byzantine Icon Painting. She continues to sculpt, loves to read, listen to music and garden.She lives quietly in her family home with her two labradoodles, three hens and several goldfish.

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