Bobbie S. Richardson

Bobbie Richardson grew up in a little town called Kaiapoi, just out of Christchurch, New Zealand. She is a creator who excelled as an Author/Illustrator and Singer/Songwriter. Moving to Australia in 1998 she has had an unusual life due to her ability to tap into the unseen.

Her journey has taken her through many exciting synchronistic events, by following visions which are very real to her, they have lead her to truths of new realities and answered many BIG questions.

Eventually she was led to work with an Elder from America who showed her even greater potentials, this then led Bobbie to ask, “What is the potential of humanity”.

The wisdom she acquired over the next few years compelled her to write and illustrate this book and others, including a song to unite all, which can be found on Youtube.

From this Author: