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The Road to Success

The Road to Success

by Graeme Rattigan

The purpose of this book is to establish a method of achieving what everyone wants-happiness, abundance and success; in effect, to become healthy, wealthy and wise. Graeme Rattigan applied the principles contained in this book to his own life in his search to raise the funds for the film Paradise Road, which became one of the largest budget films to be shot in Australian film history at that time, and possibly since, which was funded entirely from private capital. He used the same principles again when raising money for the film Under the Lighthouse Dancing, and in a very short time had raised seven and a half million dollars from private financiers to fund and produce the film. This book not only tells Graeme's story of joys and tribulations throughout the making of both these films, but also provides the techniques he and others used in achieving these remarkable results in a precise and effective manner.

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