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Mind Your Heart

Mind Your Heart

by Vince Stafrace

Whose fault is it really when relationships fail?

Mind Your Heart offers all those who struggle to find relationship success, a way out of blame and into self-awareness and greater insight.

It is one thing to be aware of what you do, but more importantly, it takes insight to know why you do what you do.

Written in a down-to-earth, compassionate and jargon-free manner by an "ordinary bloke", Mind Your Heart answers commonly-asked questions like:

  • Why do I keep doing what I'm doing if it always lands me in strife?
  • Can I choose who I fall in love with?
  • What are the foundations of a good relationship?
  • Can I change? Can my partner? How much?

Mind Your Heart is for anyone who genuinely strives for a satisfying, life-long relationship with another, and happiness within themselves.

ePUB (ebook) EDITION
ISBN 978-0-9808424-8-7