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Get Selfish Get Happy

Get Selfish Get Happy

by Helen Owen

Are you really selfish?

Selfless vs selfish … which one are you?

Too often, we are told to put ourselves second — and when our relationships don't work, we blame our partner instead of looking to ourselves.

In Get Selfish, Get Happy, relationship counsellor and sports mentor, Helen Owen, shows us that achieving fulfilment starts with focusing on you.

The Selfish Self™ is not about getting what you want without compromise. It's about understanding your needs, appreciating the truth about yourself and building self-respect. Through chapters covering love, sex, commitment and emotional integrity, Get Selfish, Get Happy is an empowering manual for surviving contemporary relationships.

This is the book for anyone facing relationship breakdown. It's also the book for anyone wanting relationship fulfilment.

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ISBN 978-0-9808424-7-0