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Discover Worlds Within

Discover Worlds Within

by Marie Louise

After the breakdown of her 20 year marriage, Sydney mum and development coach Marie Louise was forced to deal with the unconscious weights she had been harbouring for years.

Painful memories of childhood sexual abuse, being raped as a teenager, the fear of her family’s history with bipolar disease and many other beliefs and conditionings had shadowed her true nature for decades. Peeling back the layers of who she perceived herself to be, Marie exposed herself to live a life of constant expansion, where joy, love and compassion replaced feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness.

In her book, Discover Worlds Within, Marie helps readers learn the art of self-enquiry to discover self-love, self-acceptance and total self-expression. Readers get to understand the workings of the brain, reconnect to the sensory body, get a grip on emotions and use them all as tools, where constant expansion is in every moment.  Marie also shows how to unlock unconscious layers of beliefs and conditionings that have created unnecessary walls. Learning inner love for outer peace is something each one of us has the power to create.

Filled with practical exercises and examples from Marie’s own life experiences, Discover Worlds Within encourages readers to open themselves to live a life of self-love and fulfillment.