Oneness ­ Non-fiction ­ Short Stop Press, an imprint of A&A Book Publishing

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by Jean-Marie Veronica

The intention of Oneness is to lead people to understand, through verifiable science, that Time doesn’t exist. The entire history of homo sapiens is irrefutable proof of how we have, until the present moment, existed in a self-constructed ethos of Duality, the opposite of "Oneness". We are unconscious zombies experiencing mortality and misery. We have only to wake up!

With humility, Oneness is a timely, intelligent, irrefutable wake-up call written in simple enough terms for any person who can read. "Oneness" is for the world so long as humans exist. It sets forth the What, Who, Where, How and Why of that pesky "empty space" we have all experienced within us and have never been able to explain.

ePUB (ebook) EDITION
ISBN 978-0-9924383-5-7