Ghosts ­ Fiction ­ Short Stop Press, an imprint of A&A Book Publishing

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by Tess McLennan

‘What a peculiarity it is, that domino effect. One incident, one decision, and perhaps several subsequent disasters …’

After the mysterious disappearance of her mother Marella, Imogene Fuller longs for a purpose in her life. Discontented and unfulfilled, she meets Henry Bishop and his enviable sister Aggie, the embodiment of everything Imogene wishes to be.

But when Aggie also goes missing, Imogene and Henry must go on a perilous journey to find her, uncovering dark and frightening secrets hidden in the rugged outback, and answers about what really happened to Marella, the day she disappeared.

ePUB (ebook) EDITION
ISBN 978-0-9943294-4-8