Just some of A&A's titles:

Where To From Here? by Ursula Paul
Jonar & Kitty - the Timekeeper's Void by Bobbie S. Richardson
Great Burial Places by Adrian Sever
Imagine Holding Hands by Bobbie S. Richardson
Harmony is Success by Ken McLean
Watchful Realm by Lyn Spiteri
To Prey and to Silence by Joan Katherine Isaacs
Mima by Shirley Eldridge
Jodie's Rescue by Diane Fagan
Cyberspace Soldiers by Stanley N Morton
Phantom Wings over the North by Desmond O'Connor
Ghosts by Tess McLennan
The Power of the Elements by Lukas P. Threlfall
Old Fashioned Shoes by Margaret Kerr
Bergstrom's Orange by Carolyn Little
Season of Hate by Michael Costello
Fire Eye by Peter d'Plesse
The Devourer of Letters by Eduardo Castellanos
Longing for Life by Christine Dodson
Foresight and Perseverance by Sylvia McNeall
Rolling With the Punches by Ian Simpson
Oneness by Jean-Marie Veronica
The White Rose by Madilina Tresca
Accounting for My Life by Michael Sharpe
Half Blood by Isabella De Horta
Icefall by Guy Hallowes
The Ladybug Without Any Spots! by Alley Bucci
Bent But Not Broken by Elizabeth Margaret
Hatchling Heroes by Hayden Selfe
My Grandma's a Witch by Susan Collingbourne
Talon by Christopher Gerard
Further Adventures of Benny by Colin Shewan
Crackers the Amazing Clock by Alley Bucci
Discover Worlds Within by Marie Louise
A Simple Guide to Buying a House by Charles Badenach
Daddy's Girl by Elizabeth Margaret
Six Steps Down by Mandi Greenwood
Forsaken by N. R. Marxsen
Mr Agasvari Goes to School by J. J. Part
Mastering Media Interviews in the 21st Century by Steve Cropper